15 July 2007

K.West Redux

o follow up on my Kanye West/Alain Mikli collabo post, don't expect to get your hands on those white lensless frames anytime soon without laying out some serious cash. Anyone have $1500 handy? [See: 80s Trends That Don't Kill Us Only Make Us Stronger]

[Photo: MSN.uk.com]

The Dallas Morning News quotes Mikli's PR people:
"The glasses aren't featured on the company's website as these are new and very, VERY special custom order. Readers will have an easier time if they just call the toll free number and inquire: 1-800-829-8032."
[Source: Dallas Morning News]

1 comment:

penelope said...

hey, thanks for d comment=p

haha, when i saw d concert, was talking GOGGLING at his shades!!
so unique!!