06 July 2007

80s Trends That Don't Kill Us Only Make Us Stronger

lain Mikli has lent his considerable talents to hip hop's biggest rock star, Kanye West. Their collabo resulted in the below lens-free sunglasses.

Sophie Raubiet, General Manager for Alain Mikli boutiques tells PEOPLE, “this collaboration was such a positive experience for both Alain Mikli and Kanye West. It’s officially marked the beginning of future partnerships they are looking to do together.”
[Source: People]

While I won't be rocking these particular shades any time soon, I have to admit I'm curious to see what flashy shades their alliance will yield.

After all, even the princes are intrigued.

[Source: People]

1 comment:

alluretone said...

i'm not very intrigued, but i think i love the Marni and the beautiful Tom Ford shades on Kate Beckinsale wayyyy too much.

nice new look btw.