13 July 2007

Here They Are, Mr. & Mrs. America

urely you've seen their photoshoot in W already. You must have, right?

At left, Posh herself after deplaning. [Source: DailyMail.co.uk]

The Beckhams, that is. Had my own W arrived late, the postman would have had a severe talking to. It did not, and "American Idols" was all the glorious WAG-iness I had hoped for.

And what better way to herald the Becks' arrival, than by showcasing her own sunglasses (in fact, the pair she is wearing).

dVb 6 are available on ShopIntuition.com for $250.

Although, I suppose the Los Angeles Times' "Image" cover and profile does announce her 90210-ness quite nicely.

In it, she credits sunglasses as essential to her beauty regime:
“I just throw on the Chanel sunglasses, which really do, as the fashion magazines say, hide a multitude of sins.”


Bella said...

Gosh...those shades are gorgoeus...i want a pair so badly now..

coco said...

i like these shades theyre a very clasic shape

Anonymous said...

Shades can't hide the fact that Posh is a robot sent from the future to take over the world with her steely eyed glare and hottie hubby.

Candid Cool said...

Hmm...considering she has her own line of sunglasses, she shouldn't have credited "Chanel" specifically.

But atleast she's photographed in her own line. And they do like pretty cool!

dianabobar said...

Well I love all oversize sunglasses! I'd wear hers too. Too bad they are probably over priced! Anyway, love you blog!