06 February 2007

Karen Walker's Caped Crusaders

ith her second New York runway show, Karen Walker has confirmed her place among our fashion elite. Her chosen themes have also proven to be the most exciting and well thought out we have seen. Last season, the premier of Ms. Walker's sunglasses line was inspired by 1970s dictators. [See: Karen Walker's Eyewear Debut]

She seems to have outdone herself with this runway show, fashioned after 1930s comicbook superheroines. In the words of Style.com, "Such a whimsical starting point could have translated into runway disaster, but Walker knows how to finesse a slightly off-kilter theme."

[Source: Style.com]

The clothes do have a Dick-Tracy-meets-Tess-Trueheart feel to them and I cannot help but love how the shades fit so perfectly with the rest of the showing. These are precisely the sunglasses I would wear if I was out to save the Depression Era world.

Which isn't to say they don't have a modern feel. Their bright hues are perfectly in tune with the current fashion moment and their pop-art element gives them a fresh edge.

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ENID P. said...

They create buzz on the runway...thats for sure..