16 November 2006

Promotional Pictorial

n Tuesday night, New York's Irving Plaza was host to Ray Ban Wayfarer Sessions. Ahhh, celebrity swagger.

Molly Sims and Mischa Barton were on hand to model the American classic: RayBan Wayfarer.

[Source: SuperiorPics, SuperiorPics]

I've got to get on the invite list to these events. Manufactured by Ray Ban since 1953 and reportedly history's best-selling sunglasses model, Wayfarers truly are an iconic style. [Source: Wikipedia]

Additional pictures from the event are available on WireImage.

Cost: $124
Color: Black
Retailer: SunglassesItaly


Anonymous said...

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Such A Publicity Stunt said...

I cant help but to think of Men in Black when I see Ray Bans. It might also just be that I really dont like Mischa Barton. hehe. But I agree - you should be on the invite list to those events. You could school them in sunglass knowledge!

alanna said...

haha, $124! i picked up a pair for £3 ($5) at a market, but they do have yellow frames...

Tru said...

OMG I totally have a pair of sunglasses that look jsutt like those. I wore them to a Murder Mystrey Party I attended recently. Too cool.