14 November 2006

Laguna's Last Call

n anticipation of tomorrow night's Laguna Beach finale, I have taken some time to reflect upon the season's dramatic highs and lows.

If you haven't been carefully following the gang's manicure trips, petty rivalries, calculated hookups and -- of course -- flashy shades, its not too late. You can get an overview of the season in MTV's Photobook.

Its become obvious to me that Lexie is the show's standout. She is in on the gossip, but smart enough to not be the subject of it.

From Left: Lexie looks on and laughs as Breanna makes out with Derek in Cabo; Aboard her family's yacht with the alpha babes; Looking pretty at her pre-prom party with, but keeping her distance from, Derek; Getting hit on by Alex within microseconds of his breakup with Raquel (aka "Rocky", "The Worst"). [Source: MTV]

Below, some of Lexie's flashiest:

[Source: LagunaLovers.org]

Chanel 5065

Cost: $282
Colors: Pink, Tortoise, Black, Blue, Ivory, Brown
Retailer: SunglassesItaly

[Source: LagunaLovers.org]

My personal favorites, Versace 2053 B:
Cost: $210
Colors: Black, Green, Dark Grey, Blue, Brown
Retailer: SunglassesItaly

Well played, Lexie. Those'll show Kyndra who's boss.


coco said...

i love all the sunnies you write about on your blog. you really have an eye for them.

Lizze said...

Oh I can't wait until I get internet @ home so that I can start download all the shows ... I am at least 4 weeks behind.

I just checked the pics @ People ... lots of sunnies there too.

I love your blog :)

Such A Publicity Stunt said...

Can I tell you how awesome I think this post is? I totally agree about Lexie! your blog is so much fun!

Flashy_Shades said...
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