29 October 2006

Sweet Monogram, Knoxville

he second installation of the Jackass franchise premiered in Australia last week. The cast was relatively well-behaved for the red carpet and the director revealed that Number Two would be the last film.
"This is it for Jackass, as far as we're concerned... I'm not going to say never but right now we don't have a plan. This is our last hurrah as far as we know."
[Source: Hollywood.com]

Thank goodness! I worry about the safety of Johnny Knoxville's pretty face.

At the premiere, he showed how nice he cleans up and managed to look cool wearing sunglasses to an evening event. Mr. Knoxville put a new spin on the monogram with his personalized aviators.

[Source: GossipRocks]

While there is an entire site (see www.sunglassengraving.com) devoted to this craft, somehow I suspect his Mr. Knoxville's initials were etched by Party Boy in a depraved and hilarious manner.

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misssixty said...

ha! look at him work that pout.. very nice ♥