01 October 2006

Laguna Washes Away My Sanity

hough Laguna Beach hasn't come close to truly capturing my interest this season -- really, who casted these bimbos? -- I did check in this week to see what the southern Californians are shielding their retinas with these days.

Episode 7, "Hook-Ups and Cover-Ups," began with the narrator and resident lackluster underdog, Tessa, announcing she'd be going stag to the Winter Formal. Below, she wore her Dior Overshine 2 shades while shopping with her male best friend/uninteresting, uninterested love interest.

[Source: lagunabeachonline.org]

Cost: $158
Colors: Blue, Violet, Chrome, White Violet, White Silver, Light Rose, Black Coral, Beige, Shiny Black (as seen on Tessa), Brown, Black Grey
Retailer: Otticanet.com

Tessa's crony, Raquel, is by far the show's most abrasively nerdy character. Here, she begs her boyfriend to attend the formal with her on the beach.

[Source: lagunabeachonline.org]

Check out the Gucci 2562 model. We've seen these horsebits so often that it would have been nice to see Tessa sport a more unique color. I like the green at right.
Cost: $164
Colors: Pink, Green, Black, White, Blue, Rose, Orchid
Retailer: Otticanet.com

I really want to like Kyndra. Its just not going to happen. Where is Kristin? Where, MTV? Here, Kyndra continues the trend of black, logo shields.

[Source: lagunabeachonline.org]

Nice Chanel 5067s.Cost: $245
Colors: Black, Pink
Retailer: Sunglassesitaly.com

Kyndra, it seems, has recently reunited with her nerdbag old boyfriend. Despite assurances of fidelity, she does successfully cheat on him with the dough-faced Cameron at the formal. In front of his sister, no less. Which is unfortunate, as the boyfriend character, Taylor, sports the episode's coolest shades.

[Source: lagunabeachonline.org]

This spray-tanned, scrawny, would-be Stephen is wearing Electric Overdrive sunglasses, which are also available with polarized lenses.

Electric is a brand that's more action-sports than high fashion, but they make high-quality shades that will more than stand up to any and all abuse you dish out at them.
Cost: $100
Colors: Black, Brown, Tweed (which features Jamaica stripes), White
Retailer: Backcountry.com

Electric's website even features a pair with a Swarovski-crystalized lightning bolt logo. Pretty cool.


Lizze said...

The two characters that I don’t like is Lauren's little sister Breanna (?) ... totally out of her depths. The other one is Cami, if she is going to bitch other people looks then she should really do something about her first.

I have to search and download ep 7

Flashy_Shades said...

cami is the worst. i like to pretend she doesn't exist (hence, no mention of her). oh yeah, and her aviators were ugly.
no need to go out of your way to watch the show, fyi. these girls aren't even good at being reality-tv bitchy.

Anonymous said...

I love Rocky's choice in sunglasses. But everytime I see Tessa in her Dior Overshines, it makes me cringe. Ugh!