20 September 2006


am horrorstricken at what passes as paparazzi-worthy these days. On Monday, Sharon Stone went to lunch at The Ivy. This was tabloid material.

I am so over everything about these pictures. Sharon Stone? Puke. Horsebits? Sorry, Gucci, we're ready for something new. Botox? Are we honestly to believe that the possessor of those neck wrinkle-rolls has nary a laughline on her forehead? Please don't insult us. And take those pink shades (Gucci 2900/S) elsewhere.

[Source: GossipRocks]

Cost: $192-$204
Colors: Brown, Red (as seen on Ms. Stone), White, Black with Gold (slightly less offensive), Black with Grey lenses
Retailer: SunglassesItaly.com

I guess I shouldn't expect good shades judgment from someone who thought Basic Instinct 2 was a good idea.

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lizze said...

Your blog is completely addictive and what a great idea for a blog!!!

I love it!!!

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