21 September 2006

Avril Covers Nylon

have been remiss in my blogging duties and am long overdue in drawing attention to Avril Lavigne's spread in Nylon. I better get on that before Kirsten Dunst graces its cover in short time.

Ms. Lavigne's profile, titled Happily Ever Avril, included several full page photos, including the covergirl in an over the top pair of John Galliano-designed Christian Dior shades, which she took a shine to.

[Source: HollywoodTuna]

Nylon's "Under Cover" section gave a behind the scenes glimpse into Avril's photoshoot and sense of style. They reported:
"Lavigne, who was adamant from the get-go about not looking too girly, was thrilled with all of the clothes, and spent extra time admiring Chanel's equisite black mini-dress and a pair of oversized bedazzled Dior sunglasses."
[Source: Nylon]

The sunglasses were originally shown at Christian Dior's Fall 2006 Ready-to-Wear runway show. Far left, the flash on the runway. Left, the designer himself, John Galliano.

See that show in its entirety here on style.com.

Frankly, I don't care if Avril likes them; I don't get them. Can you see out of them? Or is your vision Swarovski-obstructed? I couldn't find them on the web, but truth be told, I wasn't looking that hard. I don't want you to buy them!

But I will recommend another pair of Christian Diors that recently graced a starlet's face. Yesterday, People.com posted this shot of Kate Bosworth here in New York City. [Source: People.com]

Seen once before here on Flashy Shades (See: J'Adore Paris), they are Dior Homme Black Tie 39S:

Cost: $149
Color: Black/Grey (as seen on Ms. Bosworth), Brown/Grey, Black/Pink, Black/Yellow (as seen on Ms. Hilton), Red/White, Blue/Red, White/Red and Black/Grey
Retailer: otticanet.com

Personally, I like the Blue/Red model, but none of the colors (not even Paris' hot yellow) is a bad option.

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