04 September 2006

J'Adore Paris

n Saturday, Paris Hilton was spotted outside of Barneys kissing Brandon Davis. Ew.

Fortunately, her Dior Homme Black Tie 39S sunglasses doubled as a facial shield, lest Brandon's disturbingly sweaty face drip on her lovely grill. I'm not kidding, check out GossipRocks for some very intimate shots of his pores. Or click on the photo montage above for a closer view.
[Source: GossipRocks]

These (technically mens) shades are still offered at full retail price ($210) at many locations, but the site listed below is offering them at a significant discount:

Cost: $138
Color: Brown/ Grey, Black/ Pink, Black/ Yellow (as seen on Ms. Hilton), Red/White, Blue/Red, White/Red and Black/Grey
Retailer: otticanet.com

They're so pretty!

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Anonymous said...

Paris she is beautiful no? Why she does spend much time with fat American rich boy I do not know. I LOVE PARIS!!!! Am buying sunglasses now!!!!!!