05 August 2006

Stop the Presses: "Big Plastic Sunglasses Still 'IN'"

uperstylist Rachel Zoe endorsed the continued reign of oversize shades in the July 06 issue of Harper's Bazaar.

[Source: Harper's Bazaar]
With a client list that includes Mischa Barton, Kate Beckinsale, Joy Bryant, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson, Keira Knightley, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Ritchie, Ms. Zoe may very well be the foremost authority on flash. That said, big shades it is.

Profiled in Bazaar's "What's In, What's Out" column, Ms. Zoe went on to deem "sunglasses with bugs or jewels on them" as OUT. Well played.

Her (somewhat safe, but lovely) choices of recommended shades include pairs offered by Bottega Veneta and Tom Ford. I mean, who doesn't love Tom Ford's often prohibitively overpriced and gloriously executed eyewear? The fabsugar.com blog recently detailed their splendor as well. [source]

The issue's covergirl and Zoe protégé Lindsay Lohan was recently spotted picking up a pair for herself (at left). The aquisition of the $490 shades was detailed in its ridiculous entirety here by tmz.com. Sometimes, I love the internet so much I could cry.

To get Lindsay's two-for one flash (plastic-rimmed tinted or rimless colored lenses), the Tom Ford Hawkings Sunglasses:
Cost: $490
Colors: black, rose gold
Retailer: eluxury.com

For a less costly set of Tom Fords, I submit for your consideration:
Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses
Cost: $260
Colors: Dark brown, Olive
Retailer: Saks Fifth Avenue

Cheers, Mr. Ford. You make some flashy shades.

The other suggested style, Bottega Veneta shades are fitting with Ms. Zoe's signature looks: "big gold jewelry, tanned skin, honey-colored hair." The BV47/S pair at right embody her trademark 1970s Halston-style glamour.
Cost: $300
Colors: Beige, Brown
Retailer: Bottega Veneta

A 2005 L.A.Times profile further details Ms. Zoe's sphere of sartorial influence. She seems to catch a lot of flack, but hey -- she did a heck of a job with the SkeletwinsTM (trentisthenewlink)

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