04 August 2006


harrell Williams and Kanye West performed live today at New York City's Bryant Park for "Good Morning America."

I couldn't decipher the precise make/model of their shades, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and venture to guess that Kkan, the Louis Vuitton Don, and Little Skateboard P, LV's latest pretty face/design impresario would remain brand loyal.
[Source: ABC News]

Pharrell on having my dream job:
Williams says, "You have to understand, I am just a regular dude. At the end of the day, this is all an incredible dream come true.

"Marc [Jacobs] had seen a few pictures of me in sunglasses. He wanted to know what my take on sunglasses would be like for Louis Vuitton. "He pretty much let me go into my own world. I thought that was great. At the end of the day, he is Marc Jacobs and it is Louis Vuitton, and who am I for that matter?"

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Jace from Omaha said...

Pharrell's are raymundos, Kanye's are most likely vintage.

But at any rate these are 2/3 of my heros.