02 August 2006

Love is Blinding

ove, clockwise from top left:

Avril and some dude she married. [source]
Jessica Simpson* and her talented extentionist. [source]
Keira Knightley with a fellow named rupert. [source]
Paris Hilton and Stava#@$&(*. [source]

When did famous girls start hanging out with such nerds? I'm upset.
I can, at least, console myself with the thought that their eyes are protected.

*Personally, my favorite is still Jessica in the Gucci 1510/S:

They've been on the market for quite some time now, but you can pick up a pair now at a significant discount here at framesdirect.com.
Cost: $150-200
Colors: Beige, Black (as seen on Jessica), Dark opal, Rose opal
Retailer: framesdirect.com, eyesave.com, apairofshades.com

1 comment:

g$ said...

yeah, how hot does jessica look in the old gucci shades? look at that bod.