18 August 2006

LB's Finest

his week marked the premiere of the third season of Laguna Beach on MTV.

The momentous occasion has been the talk of both blogs and legitimate news sources alike. In my favorite piece, The New York Times wondered if the show's first brunette heroine is up to the task of following in Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavalleri's footsteps. Who knew they had such a thing for LB?
[Source: NYTimes.com]

Here is my own retrospective on the series and, of course, the shades.

Narrator/Heroine/Alpha-Babe: Lauren Conrad
Signature Shades: LC was frequently flashing the Gucci 1510/S [See Aug. 2's "Love is Blinding" post, featuring Jessica Simpson]
Cost: $150-200
Colors: Beige, Black (as seen on LC), Dark opal, Rose opal
Retailer: framesdirect.com, eyesave.com, apairofshades.com
The NYTimes on her tenure: "MTV’s bellwether verité series started in 2004 with diligent Lauren telling her tale; driven by an unusual conviction that she could turn her platinum will into daisy charm, she grimly pursued her Girl Scout merit badge in reality exhibitionism."
Life after Laguna: "Lauren has kept plugging away at a simulated career on MTV’s spinoff 'The Hills.'”


Narrator/Heroine/Alpha-Babe: Kristin Cavalleri
Signature Shades: I believe they are Marc Jacobs MJ012S Aviators. Fabsugar.com offers some similar, but super cheap versions for you here.
Cost: $165
Colors: Dark Tortoise, Shiny Black
Retailer: eyeglasses123.com
The NYTimes on her tenure: "Breezier and more self-assured than Lauren, Kristin didn’t care about merit, and instead played the second season of “Laguna Beach” as if it were N.C.A.A. lacrosse."
Life after Laguna: "Kristin has skipped out on “Laguna” and embraced celebrity for its own sake on red carpets and in the pages of Life & Style."

Narrator/Heroine/Alpha-Babe: Tessa _____? [Who cares? On MTV, last names are a privilege, not a right.]
Signature Shades: She probably doesn't wear them. Loser.
The NYTimes on her tenure: "Tessa simply introduces too much reality to the otherworldly fantasy of perpetual sunshine that has driven the show so far. Besides, she’s boring. Sure, sometimes, as in movies and novels, unpopular girls are secretly noble, sophisticated and brilliant, but sometimes — we have to admit — they’re just uncool."
Life after Laguna: Not applicable, but not promising. The future of the franchise clearly lies with her rival, Kyndra, who is a worthy successor to Kristin's reality-TV bitchy genius. "She’s a mean girl of the highest order, with a Joan Collins manner that would seem to belong to someone twice her age. You can see how Tessa might strike her as sniveling. If only Kyndra were in charge!"

On MTV's Overdrive, however, Kyndra IS in charge. Be sure to check out her "Cribs"-esque home tour, complete with sunglasses collection. Below are some stills (click the picture for a larger image):

The shades at right are quite similar to a personal favorite of mine, Tom Ford's Fonda Aviators:
Cost: $290
Colors: Ochre Havana, Amber Havana, Black
Retailer: sunglassesitaly.com, eluxury.com


Anonymous said...

The sunglasses Lauren Conrad has on are Chanel #5061.You can tell by the quilted sides, Gucci #1510 doesn't have those.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the Tom Ford Fonda on guys. I like them but just can't decide... especially since the 1s I have tried on are in ochre havana acetate colour not sure if the style and color are just too flashy but they really are amazing sunglasses.