08 August 2006

Gisele Ages Gracefully

n July, Supermodel Gisele told the press that men do not hit on her with the persistence they did a decade ago.

"Maybe I am not as good-looking? I don't know. Maybe my age has started showing? I take off my sunglasses and I'm 25."

Ms. Bundchen is, of course, the face of Vogue Sunglasses (a division of the Luxottica Group). Luckily for her, shades are an excellent way to ward off the effects of time. [source]

On her selection, Luxottica's VP of Marketing Vittorio Verdun stated: “As the new face of Vogue 2006, Gisele’s naturally elegant good looks and worldwide fame as a fashion icon makes her the ideal choice for the launch of the new Vogue collection." You can check the goods (hers and theirs) out here.

For the fall, I am quite taken with their 3502 S model:
Cost: $99.95
Colors: White, Black or Silver frames
Retailer: Sunglass Hut

PS - Sunglasshut.com has a brilliant match the celebrities to their shades game. You can play here.

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