08 August 2006

The Fall ('06) of the House of Medusa

ands down the flashiest of the summer's flash: Versace's "Couture Limited Edition" Sunglasses.

Cost: $560 (cannot be definitely confirmed until arrival)
The price also includes a special edition case, which doubles as a clutch. Pink and blue versions are available for around $300, but come only with the regular case.
Color: White
Retailer: Versace

"These wraparound frames in sleek white with smoky lenses are perfect for bathing on the Riviera or strolling along Madison. The gold plaque, “Gianni Versace -Via Gesù 12 Milano”, an emblem of Versace’s “Couture Limited Edition” collection, adorns the arms of glasses, enhancing the exclusivity of the shades. When night comes along, you can tuck the glasses into their white leather case decorated with Greek fret embroidery and the gold couture plaque, embodying a chic summer clutch."

While I have previously disavowed Versace shades, the limited edition flyness pictured at right have caused me to eat my words. They will be available at the end of the month in Versace boutiques and while the model number is as of yet unspecified, the sales clerk was acutely aware of the number that will be offered for sale in New York City. Ten.

Currently, I occupy the wait list's number five spot, but I can't bring myself to commit. I suspect its only the clutch that I'm really after. Or their exclusivity. Maybe I should just offer up my spot on the waiting list to the highest bidder. But good lord, they are glorious.

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