13 April 2011

Anna Dello Russo: Prada for Days

She's wearing more Prada than you can shake a stick at, but I was pumped to see Vogue Japan's Editor-at-Large Anna Dello Russo wearing the colorblocked "eyebrow" Prada sunglasses at the shows in Milan and Paris. She actually pulls them off really well, but could anyone else?

PS:  Entire style blogs chronicle ADR's endless and extravagant wardrobe of straight-from-the-runway flash, but her own site, annadellorusso.com, is kind of amazing. "I don't want to be cool, I want to be fashion!"

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PriscillaW8 said...

just wanted to say that I know where to get ALL the colors of the different Prada eyebrow sunglasses... and from reputable retailers too. Send me a message if ya wanna know.