23 July 2010

Too Legit: TheVieSociety

If you're any sort of serious style website reader, chances are you check theviesociety on the regular. (But I'd hate to assume that and have you miss out on her extravagantly awesome fashion/travel/bacon insights. So if you don't read yet, do soon.) For me, the Vie is a subject matter expert in what's-amazing-right-this-instant and I'm always curious about what she has to say about sunglasses.

This week, theviesociety featured Kerin Rose's Love/Hate Convertible Chain Sunglasses "for those of you constantly losing your sunglasses [me]." They're not necessarily my style, but these shades are undoubtedly flash. (They've been seen on the likes of Lady Gaga and Rihanna.) You can find them on a-morir Kerin Rose's website for $260 for the upscale yet edgy ladies in your life.

Alternatively, you can get the chain look on the cheap at Hot Topic for $15. I'd like to think Vie would approve.

[Photo: a-morir kerin.rose: celebrity polaroids]

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