02 June 2010

Madewell's Web Debut

Love: that J.Crew's hipper spinoff line, Madewell, debuted their website last week. It even comes complete with a preview for their collaboration with Alexa Chung, which is expected to hit stores next month.

Hate: that these slate Super Sunglasses Basic are $132. (Probably because they're handmade in Italy.) Madewell.com is currently only offering sunglasses by Super, a line inspired by vintage flea market finds.


Lisa M said...

They don't quite float my boat, but maybe the Alexa Chung colab will yield some spicier designs.

manidimerda said...

You have a pretty sick blog, and if i ever need any help on looking up some shades ill definetly hit this blog up again. i was wandering if you could help me, i've been looking for a pair of shades for 2 days and have had absolutly no luck.
the shades in question are in this video right at the beginning, the green ones that kinda look like shutter shades, but actually aren't.
Could you please help me i am desperate. thanks

Anonymous said...

I don't take the word handmade seriously when it refers to a piece of plastic. If I had to guess, I would wager that every pair of sunglasses requires some sort of human intervention to screw in that tiny screw at the hinge.