19 February 2010

Ray-Ban "Rare Prints": NYC Subway Edition

In a stroke of genius, Ray-Ban lined the inside of their classic Wayfarers with the iconic Michael Hertz-designed New York City subway map for their "Rare Prints" series. Williamsburg hipsters will never be lost again. Seriously though, I need to own these.

[Source: FrenchTruckers.com]

The RB2140 Ray-Ban Metro Wayfarers can be found on Ray-Ban.com for $159.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

How fun!

eyeoptix said...

These prints are amazing! Can't wait to add these Ray Ban Sunglasses to my collection!

Lani said...

I love that Ray Ban Wayfarers have surpassed the hipster trend and are now only being worn in a sophisticated, grown up classy way by the fashion set. Ray Bans were intended to be worn in a sleek manner and I'm glad it is reverting back to the way it was intended to be worn.

renuka said...

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