25 January 2010

MoreThanMary's New Flash

Morethanmary.com's Mary Rambin, a self-described "sunglasses brand whore" shows off her sunnies steal: oversized Anthropologies. For just $4 (with UV protection)! Nice find, MTM.

Anthropologie's websites doesn't have any deals of the under $10 caliber currently, but there are plenty of finds for under $50.

If I was buying from their site today, I'd go for the Gumball sunglasses in blue. For only $24, why not opt for some color? At that price, when you get sick of them in a month, you can snag yourself a new pair.

[Photo: morethanmary.com]


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

SWEET score!

lani said...

i would love to wear a pair of turquoise blue sunglasses, so fresh.

Gunwant said...

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