17 January 2010

The Guardian on the former Mr. Moss, Jefferson Hack

"AnOther Magazine is about to publish a book of photographic portraits in collaboration with (RED), the global-product brand launched by U2's Bono to raise money for the fight against Aids in Africa. So will he be taking a leaf out of Bono's style manual and wearing wraparound red-tinted shades from now on? "I think we can put them in the 'uncool' box," he says. So what sunglasses should the discerning 38-year-old man be wearing this season? "Aviators," he replies without pause."
[Source: The Guardian]

Aviators it is then. I'm personally taken with Tom Ford Cyrille, which are available for $250 on unitedshades.com (normal retail is $430). Thanks, Hack.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Oh yah! My husband will love hearing he's in style again.

lani said...

aviators are always fantastic. tom ford is making some amazing ones.