12 January 2010

"For you will notice that what invariably divides Americans from Brits is their devotion to wearing sunglasses all year round. An American will say: “Jeez, it's snowing. I'd better get my shades on before the glare makes me squint, leading to premature wrinkles and an early death.” A Brit will say: “Sunglasses in the winter are for ponces.”"

- thisislondon.co.uk, "Across the frozen pond: How stars cope with cold weather in New York"


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Dang right!
I LOVE my shades and wear them every chance I get.
But hey I hear the Brits don't get much sun during the winter.

The Girl said...

My shades never leave my side! Then again I do live in the south of the US, it's always sunny here.