06 December 2009

Taylor Swift does New York Times T Style

Taylor Swift was featured in this week's T Style Magazine in an Alice In Wonderland-meets-Peggy Guggenheim photoshoot. "Little Miss Sunshine" Swift is shown wearing embellished cat-eye sunglasses from Mercura NYC.

[The New York Times]

My cat-eye vote for this holiday season definitely goes to Ray-Ban Oversized "Cat Eye" Plastic Sunglasses. Make them your own for $129 at Bloomingdales.


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

I want!
Totally fab.

Anonymous said...

taylor swift looks amazing in those sunglasses. I prefer the regular ray ban wayfarers to those cat eye ones. I like tom ford for cat eye sunglasses.


Those particular crystal mirrored Mercura NYC sunglasses are totally new...although Mercura NYC started making mirrored sunglasses in the 1980's