27 March 2009

Matthew Williamson/Linda Farrow Sunglasses Rule. That is all.

So maybe some time has elapsed since my last posting. Sue me. But today I happened upon a super sweet deal on Matthew Williamson by Linda Farrow sunglasses on my favorite guilty pleasure, Gilt.com*. I'm so psyched about them, I really had to share.

Check out my soon to be delivered Oval Translucent Sunglasses in Aqua, which I picked up for $98 on Gilt (despite their original retail price of $300). I haven't come across such a fun and unique, yet completely wearable pair of designer sunglasses on sale for under $100 in what seems like forever ever.

* If you're not already a member of the wondrous daily sample sale that is Gilt, then: (1) I'm sorry; (2) You really should be, so comment and we'll get you set up; and (3) You'll thank me later.


lani said...

you back!! i love those aqua sunglasses...so cute!!

Marianne said...
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jon mclain said...

wow glad your back... cant wait to see some new glasses!

Anonymous said...

WOW those are great! Love Linda Farrow. How do I get to acces Guilt?


Flashy_Shades said...

send me your email address to ead28@cornell.edu and i'll send you an invitation.
love, flashy