05 November 2008

Catherine Malandrino Casts Vote for Selima Sunnies

Catching up with my New York Times T Style Magazine, I came across a profile of Catherine Malandrino's entirely charming life. "Expatriot Games" details how she splits her time between New York and Paris, because she wants "to keep discovery and curiosité in mind." And who can blame her?

While stateside, the designer has quite the collection of accomplished friends. Among them is Selima Salaun, New York's favorite sunglasses impresario and the woman behind Selima Optique. Says Malandrino:
"I have over 200 of her sunglasses, she knows my face better than anyone."
That's quite the collection! I'm officially jealous.

[Photo: "NYTimes"]


Katie said...

200 Sunglasses? How in the world does she get round to wearing them all?
I have about 5 pairs which i really like instead of just buying loads of pairs which she may rarely wear...maybe that's just me :)

Lani said...

wow!!! 200??? i have 6 and still find it hard to rotate between the pairs! I just love some more than others and to rotate 200 would be crazy!