18 July 2008

Before Its in Vogue, Its on Kate

If Kate Moss' fashion projections hold any weight for you,expect more Ray-Ban Wayfarers in our sartorial future.

[Images: KateMossStyle]

The most superlative of all supermodels gave an extremely rare interview in this month's Vogue and gave her sunnies pronouncement:
"Sunglasses-wise, she is long finished with giant lenses, saying, "I'm doing a Ray-Ban at the moment. Just a normal Ray-Ban." Her unbrushed hair, a cool champagne shade of blonde, is choppy, with an eyelash-grazing fringe because "I'm into that Nico look.""
[Source: Vogue]

Looks like your Wayfarers will be getting more mileage, flashies!


Rebecca said...

This is one of those times that kate moss won't have an affect on me, i'm think i'm over wayfarer sunglasses no matter what size, color, form or brand they come in. They've had a good run since 2005, time to let go don't you think?

I'm sorry miss moss, you don't have my support this time lol

black optical said...

Any idea what Feist was wearing during her 'Good Morning America' concert yesterday?

The Redheaded Bandit said...

yay! I love raybans. Do u want to exchange links?

Make Do and Mend said...

Hm - how much do you think Ray-Ban are paying her? Also into that Nico look I'm a bit p*ssed about that as I was just writing about a Nico look in my book - scrub that from the draft and start again!

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Wendiva said...

kate can do no wrong...completely before the trends, she's got mad style!!


Anonymous said...

Seriously people, give it a break on the Wayfarers. Besides the fact that it truly isn't flattering to 90% of the people who wear them, they're just so over-done.

This trend has BEYOND run its course...

ENID P. said...

I could never wear these.
Enid P.

Courtney said...

i have a pair of ray ban wayfarers that i am so in love with now, i wouldn't know what style i would buy to replace them if i needed to.

Flashy Shades, i think you should do a post about what the next trend in sunglasses is, is it round or cat eye or aviators or a modern type of wayfarer? help! i need a new pair!

Jenny said...

its good to hear that ray ban wayfarers are going to get a lot more mileage.

I think they look great on a lot of people that wear them, celebrities and people on the street a like and they are a nice change from big bug eye shades.

Hilary said...

fantastic post! I love miss moss and i love wayfarers, it doesn't matter if they've been worn to death, if you like them wear them! Which is exactly what kate moss is doing, they look edgy and cool.

Mel said...

i don't agree with anonymous, i think people are entitled to wear what they want to wear.

Kate Moss looks great in her black ray bans (not too sure about the white ones, but nevertheless).

At least we know she wears them because she likes them and not just because it was a trend.She looks so awesome in her wayfarers go kate!

RyanB said...



the only pair i have are black and i think their pretty wicked. and i agree with the person above, people can wear whatever they wanna wear, you don't have to be a fashion victim and stop wearing things because someone said so.

Marie said...

She's definitely a style icon. I love wayfarers on every celebrity that wears them, and think a lot of people look really awesome in them.

Fashion Fixes Nudity said...

Have you purchased shades from any of the site listed under your flash of the month?

Greg said...

anonymous and rebecca, wayfarers a NOT a trend.

They have bee around for over 50 years, and ray ban wayfarers are the highest selling sunglasses in the history of sunglasses of any style or brand!

You might be sick of seeing them because a lot of people have been wearing them, but now that it is dying down, you can really tell who wears wayfarers because they actually love them and who wore them purely because they wanted to be "fashion forward".

The fact that Vogue Paris editor emmanuelle alt, supermodel Jessica Stam, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Kate Moss and Kirsten Dunst are still wearing wayfarers them in all different sizes and colors shows that they love them and that they are just a part of the eyewear that is here to stay!

Lulu said...

I really like how new this shape looks, but I hesitate to say that I like it for any other reason - the lines are so severe, and the actual shade is so small. I mean, I'd wear a pair like this to be trendy, but for daily use I'm still all about the huge, round shapes.

Lani said...

@ lulu, the most common wayfarers that are sold at places like sunglass hut are usually the really small 50mm ones, which to be truthful don't look too great on anyone because they are sooo small that it makes the face look like it is being squashed in by the lenses.

However, you can find the 52 and 54mm ones online easily and is the most common sizes most celebrities wear and look a lot nicer and more comfortable on the face.

p.s flashy shades- waiting for more posts :D

She comes from a nowhere town, she likes... said...

I have those white ones. She reminds me a little of v.v.Mosshart. The undone hair and sunglasses. Although that sort of sounds like me speculating about her relationship with Mr.Hince.

The Stiletto Effect said...

i think kate looks great wearing these!

Halle C said...

DAMN! Kate definitely has the X-factor!

She looks great in the top two pictures, and wayfarers really suit her.

She has been rocking other wayfarers too lately. She has ray ban wayfarers in tortoise shell, black and white, as well as her topshop white wayfarers and a large dark green pair too.

Her style gets better and better with age!

Tina :) said...

I love Wayfarer glasses!

Simply said...

Ray Ban Wayfarer are just perfect for a casual or sophisticated look.