16 July 2008

The Artist Formerly Known as Posh Does Allure

In a profile in this month's Allure, Mrs. David Beckham got nostalgic with a hodgepodge of new and old pictures documenting her life in the public eye. Included was one of her controversial Marc Jacobs advertisements, which I happened to think were great.

[Source: Allure]

I can't be certain, as the sides of the sunglasses aren't visible, but I believe she is wearing Marc Jacobs' MJ 212/S, which are available for £168 on London-Eyewear.com.


Miranda said...

i love how in the picture the sunglasses victoria is wearing look like half tints.

Amy said...

oooooohhhh i like these, the classiest round pair i have seen to date, and victoria looks good in them as well.

Nadine said...

i lost a bit of respect for marc jacobs after he put robot head victoria beckham in his campaign.

i however do like these round mj sunglasses.