28 April 2008

Back from a Well-Shaded, Much-Needed Vacation

nd I've returned just in time for another edition of People's "I Really Love My..."

This time they are heralding Katherine Heigl and her Juicy Couture Mega sunglasses, which I've found on sale(!) for $93 on eyesave.com.

[Source: People]

Call me crazy, but I liked these gold metallic shades better when Armani made them.


Make Do & Mend said...

Hm yes am not heartin' these not Heigel - she sort of reminds me of Kathleen Turner!

Lani said...

I love Giorgio Armani sunglasses, so juicy Couture cannot compare to it in my eyes. I do like these sunglasses on Katherine Heigl, she always looks so classy and polished.