24 March 2008

Spotted: la Lo in T.F.

ith gal pals in tow, Lindsay Lohan was photographed this weekend in Los Angeles, wearing the 1950s inspired Tom Ford 0058 Cary sunglasses.

[Source: lindsayimages.org]

I love this look (and Lindsay loves Tom Ford, after all). Cary sunglasses are available on ShopBop for $320.


stef said...

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t. said...

i LOVE these! tom ford is genius and these glasses are stunning - i even prefer them to ray ban in terms of wayfarers!

lani said...

eveyone is looking alot more beautiful with their dark hair lately.

Lindsay always suits darker hair better, and it compliments her tom ford cary sunglasses alot. I want these sunglasses so bad now!

Anonymous said...

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Courtney said...

These are stunning, they're kind of like a wayfarer, rectangular and cat eye put together. reminds me of Audrey hepburn or marilyn monroe, then again they are 50's inspired.

I am going on to by myself this pair very soon!