05 March 2008

Look What the Cobrasnake Dragged In

y the looks of things, Anna Wintour is none too pleased by having her photo taken by the "Cobrasnake." She probably just doesn't want to be mistaken for Cory Kennedy.

The editrix wears Chanel sunnies.

[Source: thecobrasnake.com]


alluretone said...

oh wow, you're back and posting!anna'a shades are just so shiny and mysterious. i wouldn't want to be mistaken for ck either, but wintour rarely smiles haha.
i love the torquois shade on iekeliene from the posts below.

Kira Fashion said...

for sure...
but for me, she is so ugly even with that amazing clothes that she wears....

how could her hair is so perfect every time of the day? hehehhe

a kiss

your blos if fabulous!

Molly ;) said...

Chanel is gorgeous.
have you seen thier round sunglasses?
So chic.
:) x

The Stiletto Effect said...

what can I say besides... lol!
love your comment :)

Lina said...

Hahaha i agree, i wouldn't want to be mistaken for cory kennedy or be photographed by cobra snake either.

Anna Wintour looks extremely chic, do you know what model those chanel sunglasses are?

deliah said...

i love anna wintours chanel sunglasses, i would also like to know the chanel model number or a style close to it!

please please please could you find out the model number thanks :)