17 March 2008

If Your Future's Not So Bright, You Gotta Wear Shades

ow I don't know about your tax bracket, but in mine, $750 sunglasses are not the answer to economic recession. The New York Times, however, begs to differ.

"They Go Well With Falling Stocks
PERHAPS, like falling hemlines, it’s an indication of a slowed economy, but this season, sunglasses are looking like face shields. Bernhard Willhelm’s collaboration with Linda Farrow yielded space goggles; and for his first eyewear collection, Martin Margiela offers a solid strip of polycarbonate across the eyes and nose. These Calvin Klein frames, like Yoko Ono’s signature Porsche wraparounds, resemble safety glasses, and that’s exactly the appeal. The future may not be bright. You may want to wear these shades. Sunglasses, $750 at Calvin Klein."[Source: NYTimes]

Below, the sunglasses as seen on the SS 08 Calvin Klein ready-to-wear runway and as advertised.


Lani said...

I love shield styles and these looks really cool on the cat walk but would look huge on in reality.

i can't afford them, but were do they stock calvin klein shades, i've never seen them in any store or boutique??

Anonymous said...

i've one!