27 February 2008

Sunnies for Gents

hen GQ names its modern classics, take note. In "The New Standards", they name check Moscot Sunglasses, which are so fantastically vintage New York.
"The best thing about these vintage-minded sunglasses is that they’re not pretending to be retro—they are. “The design dates from the 1930s,” says Kenny Moscot, the label’s co-owner. “I just figured out a way to reproduce them.” Over the past year, Moscot has fully revamped the business that his great-grandfather launched in 1899, when he started selling glasses from a pushcart on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Lately, the company’s classic styles have been attracting what Moscot calls “a rich cast of characters,” from downtown scenesters to film stars like Denzel Washington. Just try on a pair. You’ll understand why."
[Source: GQ]

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