30 September 2007

Shield This

eading SSW, Matthew Williamson took Pucci on a diversion from its Italian isle excess into Navajo country. Evidently, women wear gold and silver metallic shield sunglasses there.

Clockwise from top left: Sheila Marquez, Suvi Koponen, Anja Rubik and Catherine McNeil.

[Source: Style.com]

I really liked the collection, but I think that's because I really like Matthew Williamson. Style.com's runway review really hit home:
You could see one of Williamson's It-girl girlfriends pulling it off, and that's sort of telling. Rather than developing a distinct focus, his Pucci collections are starting to look more and more like his signature line.

P.S. - That Catherine McNeil is a hottie boom bottie. I believe that's the technical term anyway.

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