07 September 2007

Karen Walker, My Hero: "Just Give 'Em Nothing But Big and Bold"

n my own sunglass obsessed opinion, there is no runway show like a Karen Walker runway show. Without further ado:

[Source: Style.com]

Jennifer Mankin of the Brooklyn boutique Bird told New York Magazine that the line was a standout with "superb line of sunglasses, which made each model look oh-so-cool."

Style.com referred to the sunglasses as "Rachel Zoe-worthy" (is that even close to a compliment?), but went on to state:
"Karen Walker, now in her third season here, has built a solid business on her singular, cheery-but-subversive brand of sartorial whimsy. To wit, she considered adding classic styles to her popular line of eyewear before deciding to just give 'em nothing but big and bold. The result: multiple reorders at Barneys. The lesson: To thine own self be true."


discothequechic said...

Karen Walker is hotttt shit.

and these snaps are no exception.

S xx

alluretone said...

i still like the ones from last season better, but this is good too.

discothequechic said...

Ha, you have a point there, actually! You're the glasses queen!

I love the fact that Pharrell wore these though, he's so funny...

S xx