20 September 2007

"Hockney meets Bloomsbury"

utest sunglasses of the Spring 2008 shows thus far goes to Paul Smith.

I've affectionately titled the look "Harry Potter at the sea" and I think Alexandra Tomlinson looks adorable in them. Flashy Likey.

[Source: Style.com]


The Redheaded Bandit said...

u know, that iz the perfect name 4 those shades!

Mrs Fashion said...

Love that moniker!

discothequechic said...

You're so right about Hockey and Harry! Still, I'm not quite sure I like them..

Though I do like the fact that they're a far cry from "in" glasses like Ray Bans.

S xx

Moose on the Loose said...

You're added

-S said...

i agree, they are very harry-esque. but i personally am not a fan of very round glasses.