12 August 2007

Speaking of Chloé

fter reviewing the Chloé eyewear collection, it occurred to me that I had seen several of them on our resident sunglasses junkie, La Lo.

At left, 7/17/07: Lindsay is wearing the Chloé chocolate oversized aviator sunglasses with metal details. At right, 7/4/07: Chloé red metal aviator sunglasses with leather details in Malibu.

[Source: LohanPictures.com, Chloé.com]


Mrs Fashion said...

The girl's addicted!
But we knew that anyway, right?

Kira Fashion said...

i really loved that sunglasses, ot better, i love sunglasses

that from Gwen it´s so cool too!!

a kiss


Thanks for passing!

Diana Coronado said...

I agree with the first comment.
Lovely all these shoes

Jennifer said...

she has the best collection of sunglasses!!!

penelope said...

loved the shades; hate her.
she's looks kinda lyk a lil pug with the pig tails and (seemingly) squashed face!!
mean.. but true i guess?