08 July 2007

Sunglasses, Pixie's Own.

.K. Vogue profiled society wunderkind, Pixie Geldof. As per smart set standards, she was photographed in the coolest designer gear, complimented by some of her own quirky accessories, including these groovy shades.

Heart sunglasses, it seems, are the grooviest Anglo eyewear trend emerging this summer.

U.K. Vogue's "Daily Mail" profiled Biba's introductory sunglasses line, including the heart-shaped numbers at right, "a surprise addition to our summer shopping wish-list."
[Source: Vogue.co.uk]

They've been in heavy rotation this summer on Kim Stewart. Though she's hardly a fashion iconoclast, she is a great barometer of trends.
[Source: OhNoTheyDidnt]


Bella said...

AH! I LOVE those...my friend has a pair....

lizze said...

heh ... love your take on Kim S

AVA said...

I was a proud owner of such glasses at age 4 (I guess..) a shame they're gone and unfindable!

blushing apples said...

i love these!

Mrs Fashion said...

I need the Biba ones!
Mrs F x

dianabobar said...

Oh those heart shape sunglasses are so cute! I'd love to find a pair at the market!

Hannahhh said...

:] Try topshop for £15.

-Pink Glitter,
-&Leopard Print

sortedd :)