11 July 2007

Red Rules, Part Deux

must admit, Sienna Miller pulls the red trend off with aplomb. Take that, Hayden Panettiere.

[Source: People]

She's making the press circuit on behalf of her new film, Interview. For me, the highlight of her New York Magazine profile was her quote:

[W]e did improvise some. One day, Steve [Buscemi] was looking at photos of me online and I said, “Oh, no! Don’t look at that one—I look like a slut.” And then I get new pages and he’s put that scene—with “I look like a slut”—in the script. After that, I was more careful about what I said to Steve.
[Source: NYMag]

Sienna calling herself a slag? I chuckled.

I dig the Ksubi Milka Sunglasses.

They're available for $225 on BlueBee.

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