26 February 2007


ord knows I love British
Vogue. March's issue -- that's right, the one with Daria Werbowy -- was especially exciting, as spring's approach brings a dramatic increase in sunglasses coverage.
[Source: FashionVerbatim]

UK Vogue was particularly big on all sunglasses Marc Jacobs this month. In a piece detailing runway to reality, they plug spring's sporty styles with Marc Jacobs' MJ 092 sunglasses.

[Source: UK Vogue]

Personally, I think these sunglasses are a bit too reminiscent of unibrows, but who am I to argue with Vogue?
Cost: $293
Colors: Shiny Black, Dark Brown, Havana, Caramel (as seen at left), Dark Green, Bordeaux
Retailer: Otticanet.com

Meanwhile, the magazine's "Diary" extols the virtues of Louis Vuitton Faux Semblant Rectangle.

[Source: UK Vogue]

"The Faux Semblant Rectangle model features a strong sculptured acetate frame polished by hand, and hinges reminiscent of the corners of the legendary Louis Vuitton trunks."
[Souce: Louis Vuitton]

Sure, they cost £290. But let's not harp on the negative.


the lipstick lady said...

i love those louis vuitton sunglasses

maya said...

the louis vuitton shades are rather brilliant. they had a similar vintage pair in american apparel here for around £150.

mareGa said...

God I wish I could have a British Vogue with me right now!

Model Citzen said...

And I wish I had one of those LV trunks... I don't think i'd pay that much for a pair of shades. I always seem to loose them

wendy said...

haha those sunglasses do remind me of unibrows.. love the LV ones! but yea.. lets not mention the price...

L. said...

Those Louis Vuitton 'Faux Semblant Rectangle'sunglasses are the coolest sunglasses I have ever seen. Two parts hipster, one part librarian.

Anonymous said...

Wow Louis Wayfarer Sunglasses a must have !