03 February 2007

Jane Says

ecently, I've gotten into the magazine Jane. This month, they pondered the existence of sunglass nerds. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I would qualify as one.

Their February issue heralded the Wayfarer renaissance.

Nice pair
Ray-Ban has relaunched its classic Wayfarer style. Sunglasses nerds (do they exist?) will be stoked that the company reverted to the original lens slant and hinges, which were tweaked in 2000, but what's awesome to us normal people is that the Wayfarer now comes in red and white, as well as the usual tortoiseshell and black. This news almost made our fashion director, Kusum, faint, as she's been wishing for a white pair for years now. And if you can't get the image of Tom Cruise in Risky Business out of your head, just picture stylish girls like Chloƫ Sevigny and Kirsten Dunst sporting them around town. Because they have been, and the look is refreshingly tough compared to all that oversized, bug-eyed business. Get them at Sunglass Hut for $130. --Steph

They speak the truth. See for yourself.

[Source: Idalindborg.blogg.se]

[Source: KirstenImages]

Although some are sick of this look on her already.

[Source: Sunglasses-shop.co.uk]


Lizze said...

I can safely say that you are a sunglass nerd and I soooo love you for it :)

Anonymous said...

Those white Ray-Bans are hot. White sunglasses are coming back bigtime.

Any idea what these white ones are?


i.loveL.A. said...

i'm becoming totally obsessed with raybans; and i love the pink copy that luella's doing lately :)

the lipstick lady said...

i have the most awesome pair of wayfarers ever, they're yellow and they glow in a certain light. my friend has them at her house though, grrr...

S said...

love the ray bans!

viviana said...

I like Kirsten, she looks very stilish!!
Thank you for the visit!!

wendy said...

i want to find my nearest sunglass hut, try them on, and pray that they look halfway decent on me!!i like them!

Dinah said...

Oh my mom has those glasses I am going to have to snag them from her.