25 January 2007

Posh & Katie Cruise Will Always Have Paris

he Paris runway shows march on and the usual suspects (see: Uncle Karl, et al) are on hand to see and be seen in the couture finery.

On Tuesday, Victoria Beckham cruised the Chanel show.

[Source: GossipRocks]

Posh in her own design DVB 8 Aviators.

Check out her collection at DVBstyle.

"Aviators will never fail to be a popular design. This oversized style has the dvb logo subtly etched on the lens."
Her good pal, Katie Holmes, is also in Paris to see the shows. She was photographed on Wednesday doing some shopping in the City of Light. Judging by her eyewear, Ms. Holmes is staying true to her designer of choice, Giorgio Armani.

[Source: KatieHolmes.com]

Giorgio Armani GA 372:
Cost: $218
Colors: Black, White, Tortoise
Retailer: SunglassesItaly

Sunglasses were even on the runway! Jean Paul Gautier's show featured this green pair. I wonder what couture shades go for and what sunglasses have to do with religious iconography, but what do I know?

[Source: Vogue.co.uk]


I'm Voguish said...
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Miss V. said...

Sorry for that deleted comment... my sister didn't sign out and I used her gmail account.

Anyway, I LOVE sunglasses with a passion! I those you have on your blog :) Aviators are my absolute favourite, I'm saving up for a pair of Gucci aviators.

Hmm, Victoria Beckham's pair looks kinda cool.

Lifestyle Guru said...

Katie Holmes looks very stunning with her shades.

Model Citzen said...

I didn't really like the green shades at the gaultier show..but Posh's aviators are killer.

S. said...
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S. said...

I love the green! Fresh.

Lani said...

wow! Victoria Beckhams brown aviators are to die for!