26 January 2007

The Affordables!

ll this hautiness has left me itching for the more attainable. Which is perfect timing, considering Proenza Schouler's Target line launches next week.

In light of their new launch, Glamour asked designers Lazara Hernandez and Jack McCollough to be the Guest Editors of their February issue.

Here is their take on "A rich-looking outfit, cheap!"

[Source: Glamour]

Love that their outfit includes a pair of updated wayfarers. They are the coolest style on the block these days (See: Lanvin, Luella).

Fantas-Eyes Surfrider
Cost: $18
Colors: Black, White, Tortoise, Red, Pink
Retailer: Fantas-Eyes.com
Also Available at: Urban Outfitters

Proenza Schouler will be launching their own sunglasses line in September. They will be working with the French eyewear company L'amy, which currently produces shades for Lacoste and Nina Ricci. Ooh la la!


Lizze said...

Off topic:
I just found out that Victoria Beckham has her own blog. When I looked trough the site, I found her eyeware collection and then thought of you.
You will find them if you click on colletions on the left hand sidebar.


And apologies if you already knew about it :)

Mrs Fashion said...

Dear Flashy Shades,
Thanks for your comment on my blog - I love your site! Can I be a Lady that Links from London?

Mrs Fashion x

Haute Girl said...

i love that dress!

Kate said...

I like your blog! I love that it's all devoted to sunglasses. =]

i.loveL.A. said...

i can't wait to get that dress...and i love the wayfarers. :)

Carissa said...

I wanttt.

ambika said...

I actually told the boyfriend about these sunglasses today when he was picking out a pair. He went for the Ray-Bans instead. Must be a guy thing...

mareGa said...

I want the original Wayfarers, the ones from Ray-Ban. I can't hardly wait for Proenza Schouler for Target!

sarissa said...

hey! i like ur blog! thanks for the comment, haha, well spaggin it kind of means being a spag.. spaz, freakshow, really i suppose (not nice, true, but british sland has its ways..) x

sarissa said...

woops i meant slang

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the outfit too i am going to link you x

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i love the outfit too i am going to link you x