05 December 2006

Sunglasses of The Times

he New York Times broke the news to me this morning that one of my favorite New York boutiques is now carrying sunglasses. Love!

Edition Balenciaga sunglasses
Cost: $375
Colors: Grey
Retailer: Kirna ZabĂȘte, 96 Greene Street (near Spring), 212-941-9656

In the words of the Times:
The sassy but seriously luxe SoHo boutique is the high-fashion equivalent of a candy store: it’s colorful, tempting and addictive. Part of the draw is its owners, Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini. Not only do they distill the runways to their chicest, most wearable essence, but they are also fun to shop with. ‘‘We try to provide a lighthearted, inspiring environment for fashion beginners as well as the superadvanced,’’ Easley says.

Sunglasses have never been a store staple, but Easley and Buccini couldn’t resist stocking some for spring. ‘‘Lanvin’s are wacky, Stella’s are cool and Balenciaga’s are sci-fi,’’ Buccini says. Easley adds brightly, ‘‘Which sort of sums us up!’’
[Source: NYTimes]



omg i love that store too! soo expensive tho! haha...
btw -- im getting a new pair of ray-bans (i like collect them hahaha) and I was wondering if you think i should get big ones or medium...already have kids size haha!)

Sarah said...

gawd, those glasses are fabulous.

molly said...

$375 for a pair of sunglasses?


Anonymous said...

i'm buying them tomorrow, you can't put a price on beauty