14 December 2006

Jessica Biel Is Such a Gentleman

essica Biel has been stomping around in these red aviators since this summer, but she never really held sparked my fancy. Now that she's rumored to be dating Derek Jeter, however, my interest is piqued!

Below, she was photographed running an errand at the Wild Oats Organic Health Food Store this week.

[Source: SuperiorPics]

Her Marc Jacobs Red-Frame Aviators were profiled in GQ:
"Big, graduated, and red, these aviators are a far cry from the gray-lensed, gold-framed shades Cruise rocked in Top Gun. Which, when you consider they’re part of Marc Jacobs’ first ever sunglasses collection, isn’t in the least surprising. And we’re confident Maverick and Goose would have appreciated the devil-may-care design updates." [Source: men.style.com]

Cost: $240
Color: Red
Retailer: Solstice


Angela Wilson, author said...

Hey! LUV the site! Hopefully Nichole Richie will get some identifiable shades soon.

Carissa said...

Oh I love aviators!

couturemechanel said...

i adore W
&& lovee the red aviators!

`la vintage said...

they've got a certain something

`la vintage said...

they've got a certain something

Dinah said...

Shut up they are dating?

molly said...

ohhh no i tried to post a few days ago but i geuss it didnt work.

was it good???