08 December 2006

Holiday $hopping

ith Christmas nearly upon us, sales are nearer and dearer to my heart than ever before. Here are some of the web's highlights.

Miu Miu Rimless Shields:
Cost: $140 $97
Color: Tortoise
Retailer: saksfifthavenue.com

Ralph Lauren Oversized Aviators:
Cost: $88 $50
Colors: Brown, Gold, Gunmetal (as seen at right)
Retailer: nordstrom.com

Giorgio Armani GA323:
Cost: $240 $118
Colors: Burgundy
Retailer: overstock.com

Giorgio Armani 61/S with Swarovski crystals:
Cost: $225 $110
Colors: Violet, Blue/Pink, Brown
Retailer: overstock.com

Burberry Red Checked:
Cost: $170 $50
Color: Red
Retailer: amazon.com

Burberry Women's Oversized:

Cost: $170 $50
Color: Green, Purple
Retailer: amazon.com

And finally, not much of a discount, but my personal favorites:

Ray Ban RB 2132 "New Wayfarers"
Cost: $89 $84
Colors: Black, Tortoise, Yellow Brown Tortoise, Honey
Retailer: amazon.com


Haute Girl said...

the miu miu's are great...and only $97??? nice!

Maddy said...

Ooo, la la, those Armani ones are just lovely. If I had $118 lying around, one could be reasonably certain that I would blow it on those, and not a churro machine as previously planned.

molly said...

if thats the reason hes not in the picture, hes being a bit of a drama queen.

haha no worries about the many comments. it just makes my post look very popular!

Sunniva said...

Oh my, those Ralp Lauren ones are gorgeous!! And only $50..what?? I need to have those ;D

Chloƫ said...

Wow, those Ray Bans are incredible.