03 October 2006

Versace: Somebody Stop Me!

ILAN, September 29, 2006 -- Donatella Versace presented her well-received Spring/Summer 2007 Ready-to-Wear collection. The go-go 80s-inspired line was heralded as a "tour-de-force performance" and a "full-on glamour stomp" by preeminent fashion critics.

[Sources, respectively: Style.com, NYTimes]

Donatella, the designer and carrier of the Versace torch, finished off the season's look (proclaimed as "especially polished" by the luckiest woman in the world and The New York Times' fashion critic, Cathy Horyn) with oversized, earth-toned sunglasses that will almost certainly adorn the faces of starlets, celebutards and stylish mere mortals come springtime.

Above: Close-ups of Ms. Versace's models (there you are, Carmen Kass!), in the shades. [Source: Style.com You can also view the runway show's actual clothing, if that's your thing.]

The Versace website does not currently offer this particular pair. I'm sure Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and his super-human female counterparts will be striking in them.

Like any self-respecting runway show, Ms. Versace's show featured brilliant celebrity front-rowers. Here, Prince was the guest of honor and came flanked by two disarmingly identical "Twinz", his back-up dancers. The trio remained shielded by dark shades throughout the show; I am going to go out on a limb here and peg Prince's sunglasses, as well as those of the pretty young things, as the designer's own.

[Source, clockwise from left: PageSix, Vogue.uk, People]

I believe them to be the Versace 2057 model, but man-glass is often a mystery to me. Its also always possible (probable, even) that Donatella sent the Former Artist a flashy prototype or a pair unavailable to the masses.

Cost: $199
Colors: Brown, Grey, Black, Green, Shaded Brown
Retailers: SunglassesItaly.com*

Prince was not content to merely sit on the sidelines and cause a stir: it was reported that it was his custom-made soundtrack the models sashayed to and his "smashing" live performance the after party revelers grooved to. With no less than three reported costume changes, that Prince is a legendary performer, albeit a high maintenance one. Cheers to a well--executed show, Ms. Versace!
[Source: Hello!, Fashion Windows]

The Twinz don't warrant sunglass specifics. Perhaps if they began to dress themselves individually, dropped the "Z", and purified themselves in the water of Lake Minnetonka. Perhaps.

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All in all, quite a satisfy day for sunglasses. More on the upcoming European fashion shows (and those I have neglected to cover in the past week or so. Let me know if you still want New York).

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