11 October 2006

Changing of the (Police) Guard

ondon's Daily Mail reported today that David Beckham was dropped as the face of Police Sunglasses last night. The former England football captain has been replaced by Antonio Banderas.

"Sources at Police - which has been paying Beckham £1 million a year for the past six years - said he was 'less of a commodity' after the World Cup.

"The source at Police added: 'Antonio was seen as more of an alpha male. The brand was also keen to have a personality which meant more to US audiences.'

"'There is no doubt that Beckham has done a lot for Police but it quickly become obvious after the World Cup that he was going to become less of a commodity.'"
[Source: Daily Mail]

Below right, Mr. Beckham wears the Police 8005:
Cost: $143
Colors: Blue
Retailer: SunglassesItaly.com

While I am sorry for Mr. Beckham's loss, I look forward to seeing Mr. Banderas' campaign. Police sunglasses are pretty awesome though -- their Old English "p" logo is totally Flashy Shades.

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