05 September 2006

Jessica, like, Loves Logos

essica Simpson, who is increasingly becoming the Imelda Marcos of sunglasses, left her New York City hotel on Thursday and made her way on over to one of many celebrity gifting lounges centering around the VMAs.

More on swag tomorrow. For now, here is Jessica's generally over-accessorized head.
[Source: GossipRocks]

She loves Dior! Who doesn't?

These Dior Extralight 1 sunglasses are not available on Christian Dior's officially authorized web-dealer, eluxury.com. They are, however, available in Christian Dior boutiques, including the 57th Street location here in Manhattan.

Cost: $220
Colors: White, Red, Magenta (as seen at right), and Black (as seen on Jess)
Retailer: Exclusively available in Christian Dior boutiques.

While I am not in love, per se, with these, the red hues have grown on me a bit. I was, however, very impressed with the Dior Customer Service line which answered after but one ring and had an answer for me in a jiffy.

For US customers, you can order Dior by phone (or ask silly questions about Jessica Simpson, like I did) by calling their customer service:


Anonymous said...

the ones on jess look like the heart is a punch out, but in the pics the heart looks silver... are they different? the punch out it is way cute. -ruthie

Anonymous said...

Dior's customer service line got it wrong as Jessica's sunglasses are not the Extralight 1 model.

The model with the heart cut out of the arm is in fact LovinglyDior 1 (I can confirm this because I own a pair).

Anonymous said...

Yup, Jessica's wearing LovinglyDior 1